Sponsored Materials Research and Development

Sponsored materials research involves R&D type projects that aim at solving an important problem through leveraging University of Notre Dame's subject matter expertise and have substantial materials analysis needs that include multiple analytical techniques. The projects may involve MCF teaming with other core research facilities and may also include key faculty with needed expertise depending on the complexity of the materials questions. 

The project scope, R&D strategy, and key deliverables arrived through 2-3 initial meetings, and an agreement with a budget estimate is signed by both parties. A non-disclosure agreement may be required in some cases to ensure IP protection for both parties.  

The project duration is typically 3-6 months or longer, if needed, and involves regular interactions with the customer representative over the course of the project. Any changes to the project schedule, due to unanticipated issues, will be promptly communicated to the customer. Additionally, any changes to analytical or R&D activities will be accounted for and any budget modifications will be conveyed to the customer.

Payment for these services must be made to the University before the R&D project commences. A moderately detailed report (up to 25 pages) is provided after the completion of the project.

Customers interested in sponsored materials research and development services should complete the below form. Then, the MCF will contact you to discuss related charges and to schedule an initial one-hour meeting to discuss the project.