Triple Quad GC-MS

Triple Quad

Trace 1300 and TSQ 9000, Thermo Scientific


147 Stepan Chemistry Hall


  • Thermal desorption unit for off-gassing analysis
  • Auto sampler (standard injection, headspace sampling, SPME)
  • Equipped with backflush injector for running complex (messy) matrices
  • Mass range of 1.2-1100 u with unit mass resolution
  • PPT detection range
  • Advanced Electron Ion Source
  • NIST, Wiley, Maurer/Pfleger/Weber Spectral Libraries

Typical Use

  • Separation and characterization of individual organic compounds in solution which can identify trace contaminants (down to ppt levels) such as pesticides, residual solvents, off-gas products, or undesirable side reaction products

Internal Hourly Rates

  • Unassisted: $27
  • Assisted: $69

External Hourly Rates

  • Unassisted: $42
  • Assisted: $100

Internal Daily Rates

  • Unassisted: $162