High-Res XRD

Crystallography Capabilities

D8 Discover, Bruker


147 Stepan Chemistry Hall


  • High resolution X-Ray Diffraction: Monochromator and triple bounce analyzer crystal provides 2theta resolution to 0.004 deg 2theta¬†
  • Grazing Incidence Diffraction
  • 1D detector for quick phase identification scans
  • Reciprocal Space Maps (stress vs strain determination)
  • X-Ray Reflectivity Measurements (layer characterization)

Typical Use

  • Analysis of components in sample through phase identification
  • Monitoring small changes in lattice spacing due to doping or film growth conditions
  • Measurement of stress and strain in a layered film
  • Characterization (thickness, roughness, integration) of multi-layered films

Internal Hourly Rates

  • Unassisted: $24
  • Assisted: $73

External Hourly Rates

  • Unassisted: $36
  • Assisted: $96

Internal Daily Rates

  • Unassisted: $144