COVID-19 Laboratory Protocols

MCF Safety Protocols for Responsible Facility Use Prior to COVID-19 Vaccine

All MCF users will be required to adhere to the following safety protocols in addition to the Laboratory Policy and Agreement Contract.
  1. Aside from MCF staff, two researchers at a time will be allowed into both Stepan Chemistry (SC) 146 and 147.
  2. Instrument use will be by appointment only. A shared calendar, one for SC 146 and one for SC 147, will be used. Please send requests for edit access of those calendars to Anna Matzner. No more than two reservations can be made for any given time period for each room. MCF reserves the right to adjust scheduling and will notify affected parties immediately, if an adjustment needs to be made. 
  3. A “Do not enter” or “Safe to enter” sign will be displayed on the door depending on status of lab (maximum capacity and/or completion of disinfection).
  4. Prior to entering the lab, researchers will scan the QR code posted on the door and verify wellness.
  5. MCF staff and any researchers in the facility will maintain at least six feet of separation between themselves.
  6. Researchers will touch only what is required to complete their analysis. 
  7. MCF staff will disinfect door handles, faucet handles, soap pump, and affected surfaces (benchtop area, stooltop, keyboard, mouse, and monitor) after each researcher leaves and prior to the entry of the next researcher. In the event that no MCF staff is present, the researcher will disinfect those areas (and adjust enter sign on door). A log will be posted at each research space (individual instruments) to record the date/time it was last cleaned.
  8. Personnel will wash or disinfect hands before entering and before leaving the research space.  
  9. Researchers will minimize any personal belongings in the research space and only take what is essential. A designated area will be allocated in each research lab for personal items.
  10. SCHEDULING: Researchers will schedule separate time slots using an online calendar, one for each MCF lab. The reservation should include the name of the instrument being used and the last name of the researcher. The act of making such a reservation indicates that the researcher is verifying their good health and lack of contact with an individual who has tested positive for the coronavirus within the last two weeks. A reservation in the cores system is also required. 
  11. TRAINING: MCF staff will prepare a clear and comprehensive training guide on the computer of each instrument. No training will be scheduled on any instruments that do not have a training guide. The guides will lead researchers through the steps required (from sample preparation to data analysis) to successfully and safely use an instrument for sample analysis. Training will only be conducted through the training guides. During each scheduled training session, MCF staff will be present, in their office, or possibly working on a different instrument. However, MCF staff will be available to answer any questions that arise, and while answering those questions, will ensure that a minimum separation of six feet is maintained between themselves and the trainee. Only trainees will be in contact with the computer workstation, sample, and instrument. 
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