Zetasizer and DLS


Nano-ZS, Malvern


370 Stepan Chemistry Hall


  • Size of particles and molecules in a size range 0.3nm to 10 microns using NIBS technology and Dynamic Light Scattering
  • Zeta potential in aqueous and non-aqueous dispersions (particles size range 3.8nm - 100µm)
  • Macromolecule weight in Static Light Scattering operation mode using Debye plot
  • Molecular weight range 980 Da – 20 MDa
  • Compatible with any SEC system

Typical Use

  • Particles size distribution (hydrodynamic radius) for colloids and emulsions
  • Colloid nanoparticles surface charge and stability
  • Protein crystal screening
  • 2nd virial coefficient determination
  • Oligomer identification
  • Protein-melting point

Hourly Rates

For rates, please contact Ian Lightcap at 547-631-1493 or ilightca@nd.edu.

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